9 Things Every Bathroom Needs

If you are moving into your first apartment, getting the decorations right can make a huge difference in how your bathroom feels and functions. Here is a list of items that can set the tone for your bathroom from décor to personal care items.

  1. Bath Towels

A set of 6-10 towels will be a perfect start. These should include bath towels, hand towels, and washcloths. Like regular cotton towels, Everplush towels help reduce moisture and wetness but perform like microfiber. They also last longer than regular cotton towels. I’ve had mine for nearly two years and they still look and feel great.

  1. Shower Curtain

When choosing your shower curtain, you want to make sure that it is one that goes with your style and functions well. Every shower curtain should have a liner to prevent water from spraying out. The other side makes for more privacy while you’re taking a shower. Use shower curtain hooks for even more decoration options.

  1. Hand Soap

When it comes time to wash your hands, you’ll need soap. Dispensers are available in a variety of shapes, scents, and options for power or size. For guests who visit your bathroom with the intention of washing their hands, disposable towels help to keep your facility environmentally friendly and can be thrown away after use.

  1. Toilet Bowl Cleaner

The toilet bowl cleaner is another item that you can’t live without. With this product from Joseph Joseph, it’s not only stylish but also helps you to keep your bathroom in order. Along with a toilet bowl cleaner, you should also invest in a plunger.

  1. Storage

Because this is your first time renting a bathroom, you likely have very little space. It can be difficult to store items like toiletries and cosmetics in a small bathroom with limited space as it can make it look cluttered. Try using wall space or under the sink bins to store items that are difficult to keep on the counter or get lost in the cabinet while they remain hidden from sight.

  1. Poo-Pourri

With this amazing new invention called Poo-Pourri, it’s easy to hide embarrassing moments by shaking a bottle or two before you go. With essential oils, the effectiveness is phenomenal. Leave in a place for quick access near the toilet for when guests come over.

  1. Trash Can

Instead of a hassle in your daily routine, now you only need to toss the trash bag in and press a button, as it will seal itself automatically. It’s included and works great in any size bathroom!

  1. Toothpaste Dispenser

Automated toothpaste dispenser gives you the hygienic benefits of no-contact application and are convenient, yielding a cleaner and more streamlined task. It offers the same basic benefits as hand-pressing and vacuum pumps which utilize similar technologies to create a paste.

  1. The thing you love

Now, it is important that your bathroom has a decoration that you love. Whether it is a bath mat in your favorite color or some flowers, having something you love will always add caring touch.